Dunoon ASC Competition Entries

Hi Everyone,

With the summer holidays fast approaching there are a number of meets taking place in August and September that we will require to get entries for and wanted to give you as much notice as possible.

I realise we have a number of new swimmers so what follows is information about some of the events and how to enter.

The club website is www.dunoon-swim.co.uk and the event calendar is regularly updated with information on all events, times along with other club information.

Prior to competitions Speth or myself will normally send out an e-mail with details of venue, entry requirements, consideration times and any other relevant information. This e-mail will also advise date that entries  have to be received by with these being e-mailed to me via dunoonasc@btinternet.com or by speaking to Speth or myself at the pool on training nights .

Entry fees are due no later than the Tuesday following closing date and can be paid to a committee member on training nights.

Some of the competitions on the calendar such as the West District championship meets require swimmers to achieve a qualifying time to allow them to be entered in these events and for such competitions Speth and Craig will normally speak to those swimmers who are eligible however if you are unsure of times and require any further information please speak to Speth, Craig or myself and we will be happy to assist with times.

For events such as the Mini League & Stars of the Future swimmers are selected by Speth and Craig who will notify swimmers/parents to see if they are available to compete in these competitions.

You will see on the calendar that there are Distance Championships on the last Tuesday of most months. (the event being swum is shown at each date)

All swimmers are not expected to do the distance event and Junior swimmers will in the main be doing time trials on these nights as directed by Craig.

This is a great opportunity to allow young swimmers to swim a race in a competitive situation in the home pool and with all familiar faces as timekeepers/starter etc.

So all swimmers are expected to come along as usual. The only difference is that on these nights ALL Junior squad swimmers should be at the pool for a 6pm start and should finish at 7pm. And ALL Riverside swimmers should be at the pool for a 7pm start and finish at the usual time.

Noted below are list of meets with some general information along with deadline for entries and I have also attached additional information for each of these. Please can you advise if swimmers are looking to enter or available to take part.



Date – Sunday 17th August 2014

Venue – Galleon Leisure Centre, 99 Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock, KA1 1QY

Warm Up – 12noon

Kilmarnock Centenary Gala – Programme of Events

Deadline for entries Monday 21st July



Qualifying times apply please see attached consideration times.

Date – Saturday 6th/Sunday 7th September 2014

Venue – Sir Matt Busby Sports Centre, Bellshill (TBC)

Warm Up – 9am & 1.30pm each day

West District Entry Info 2014 Sprint and Relay Championship
WD Sprint & Relay Championships Consideration Times

Deadline for entries Friday 25th July 



Team to be selected by Speth/Craig

Date – Sunday 14th September 2014

Venue – Peebles Swimming Pool, Port Brae, Peebles, EH45 8AW

Warm Up – 12.30pm & 2.45pm

Peebles SOTF Programme 2014

Deadline for entries Monday 18th August



Date – Saturday 4th October 2014

Venue – Citadel, South Harbour St, Ayr, KA7 1JB

Warm Up – 12noon

Clyde Coast Winter Championships – Rules & Programme

Deadline for entries TBC (Further information to follow)


As always if you need any help please speak to Speth, Craig or myself.


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